Geojam Introduces Decentralized Marketplace for Talents, Empowering Creators in a Social Oasis

It’s been over a year since Geojam released their mobile app, a social platform where self-expression meets pure joy. An app which allows its growing user community to immerse themselves in daily prompts that go beyond the ordinary, sparking creativity through photos, videos, gifs, and more, sharing their most unfiltered thoughts.

In an age saturated with social media, Geojam stands out by offering a pressure-free environment, and encouraging genuine expression, adding a touch of excitement to interactions.

The Geojam platform introduces ‘For You’ and ‘For Us’  prompts, a feature that tailors questions using Artificial Intelligence (AI). ‘For You’ prompts delve into self-expression and introspection, allowing its users to explore and share their individuality. On the flip side, ‘For Us’ prompts group participation, encouraging shared moments.

Geojam’s JAM Token drives our entire ecosystem and social economy. The Geojam platform is backed and trusted by world-class celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Machine Gun Kelly, Tyga, and more.

Geojam’s AI-generated prompts change daily, much like the Wordle game. Each day is a surprise, and it can never get boring. It can change from discussions on the latest trends to something that made the news. Presenting unfiltered thoughts from creators, and brands like never before.

Geojam recently unveiled its Decentralized Marketplace, powered by $JAM, the token of Geojam.

You prompt AI…but what if AI prompted you?

Geojam’s AI sends you 
thought-provoking prompts that challenge you to express your unique perspective.

A portal akin to Fiverr but on blockchain, exclusively using $JAM, that is the very own Talent Portal from Geojam. This Talent Portal is linked to a Talent Directory featuring renowned creators such as Mariah Carey, Tyga, Machine Gun Kelly, Becky G, Jxdn, Nyjah Huston, Nessa Barrett, 24kGoldn, and many more. This doesn’t have to end there – anyone can join this league of talents, get work through this Talent Portal and get paid in $JAM.

Geojam’s Talent Portal is not just a marketplace; it’s a platform that empowers individuals to showcase their skills in the world of blockchain, opening doors to a realm of possibilities with minimal to no risks.

The Geojam $JAM token is paving the future of the $100B+ creator economy by reimagining social media and decentralized finance. $JAM redefines the existing creator economy by creating a virtuous cycle between creators, fans (crowds), and advertisers.

Geojam allows its users to immerse in the daily prompts, engage with friends and explore diverse interests, but Geojam also has something that goes beyond being a social app – it’s a gateway to a decentralized marketplace for talents.

Coachella Festa is about to be held in April 2024 once again! A dazzling Music and Arts Festival that draws in over 100,000 heads daily, where brands showcase their prowess, and top stars grace the DJ parties with their presence.

In the 2023 Coachella, Geojam held two unforgettable parties, leaving an indelible mark on the festival scene. Now, with Coachella 2024, Geojam is once again ready to set the stage on fire but now armed with the Talent Portal.

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